Beautiful Wedding Reception Candle Ideas

Be inspired with the wedding reception candle ideas on this page. Candle light is perfect for an evening or night time wedding, you don't necessarily have to have flowers, but you do need to have candlelight. It adds a lovely incandescent glow and sets an intimate and romantic tone.

Candles can stand on their own, or in simple hurricanes or votives that shield them from the wind. You can put votive candles directly inside flower arrangements for a wonderful sparkling effect. Adding light to a flower gives it a really nice glow.

Reception candles can also be used to underline the architecture of a building or the shape of a pool, or by running along steps or pathways to invite you guests into a space.

Whatever way you decide to decorate, keep it in scale with the space. Engage all the senses. Think about how things will look, feel and smell.

Scented candles, fragrant flowers and greenery, and rich fabric will create a quality that is rich and sensual.

11 Wedding Reception Candle Ideas

  1. Use cylindrical vases to make protective hurricanes for pillar candles of different sizes set in sand and shells at a seaside wedding.
  2. Pillar candles of different heights can be clustered in a bed of red berries on branches.
  3. Candles in glass vases can be held in place by a cluster of brown nuts or you could use colored stones.
  4. Place cylindrical candles in frosted hurricanes around the edge of a pool to reflect in the water.
  5. For a romantic setting in an outdoor wedding reception why not hang lanterns with strong chains from strong branches.
  6. For something different, have your tables set with simple white and ivory china and each setting is adorned with a brandy glass filled with a floating candle and mixed rose petals. The candlelight at each place setting creates glowing rings on every table.
  7. Use large hurricane lamps filled with water and several floating candles in each to act as beacons on either side of a path that is strewn with large pieces of confetti mixed with rose petals.
  8. Place a small mirror in the center of each table and place a crystal candle holder with a white (or colored candle) in it. Wrap small strands of pearls around the candle and arrange ivy around the mirror.
  9. Use two medium brandy snifters and one large brandy snifter. Fill the bottom of snifters with colored marbles about a third of the way up. Fill with water and float a candle. Arrange your flowers around the base of the snifter.
  10. Use three different sized pillar candles on a mirror with a simple floral arrangement or scatter petals around them.
  11. Whitewash small terracotta flowerpots add a bow or other embellishment to the outside of the pot. Place a taper candle inside the pot. For added detail you could place a votive candle and decorative stones on either side of the terracotta pot.
Safety Tip: When using candles in bowls (especially if bowls are small) make sure that they are heat resistant. After the candles have been lit of a length of time the glass will heat up and can break, causing a mess and a lot of water on the tables.

40 Photos Ideas For Wedding Reception Candles

Holiday theme wedding candle centepiece idea.
1. Use candles to match the season.
Wedding candle with flowers in martini glass.
2. Use unusual containers for your candles like this martini glass.
Square vases with floating candle.
3. A quick and simple display consisting of square vases, pebbles, single flower and a floating candle.
Floating flower and candle display idea.
4. Fill large containers with water and float flowers and candles inside.
Purple wedding candle display idea.
5. Candles in tall glass jars with water crystals are ideal for an outdoor wedding.
Wedding reception candle display with rose petals scattered on table top.
6. Purple pillar candles surrounded by rose petals.
Square wedding candle centerpiece idea.
7. Make a statement by using large square candles in matching glass containers.
Low flower centerpiece and candles.
8. Place candles around low floral table centerpieces.
Large white candle in clear vase.
9. Place large pillar candles in clear glass containers.
Floating lanterns with candles.
10. Use floating candles in paper lanterns to add extra atmosphere to an outdoor wedding reception.
Wedding candle display on mirror tiles.
11. Decorate glass containers to match your wedding theme.
White flower and candle centerpiece.
12. A beautiful tall centerpiece with a candle in the center.
Rustic wedding candle idea.
13. Rustic candle centerpiece idea.
Roses and wedding reception candle idea.
14. Simple wedding reception candle idea.
Wedding candle idea with floating candles in tall glass containers.
15. Wedding candle table decorations with flowers and floating candles.
Large brandy glass used to hold candles.
16. Use large brandy glasses to hold your wedding reception candles.
Wedding candle display idea.
17. Place rose petals in the botton of large clear containers to match your other table decorations.
Green and blue table setting with candles.
18. Alternate candles with flowers.
Orchids and candles.
19. For the best looking displays when using glass keep them smudge free.
Outdoor wedding candle display.
20. Surround large pillar candles with inexpensive seasonal fruit.
Candles lighting pathway.
21. Set the mood to an evening wedding reception by guiding your guests with a candle pathway.
Use candles of different heights.
22. Vary the height of your candles to add interest.
Flowers and candles in complimenting colors.
23. Match your wedding reception candle to your wedding table flower colors.
Wedding reception candle idea.
24. Create simple wedding centerpieces with candles, flowers and mirrors.
Candle inside lantern.
25. Use lanterns for outdoor weddings this will stop your candles for blowing out.
Tall wedding candle centerpiece idea.
26. Tall candle centerpiece idea.
Simple wedding candle idea.
27. Low wedding centerpiece idea.
Pink wedding table decoration ideas.
28. Pink wedding candles in tall glasses.
Small containers with flowers and candles.
29. Groups of small colored containers will add a "light" hearted touch to your wedidng table decorations.
Mason jar candle idea.
30. Recycle glass jars to hold your candles.
wedding cake display using candles.
31. Highlight your wedding cake by placing your candles in votive candle holders.
Wedding flowers and candles.
32. Wedding reception candles with flowers.
Flower decorated candle holder.
33. Tiered candle holder decorated with flowers.
Single candle on table.
34. Use only candles as decorations.
Wedding table with lots of candles.
35. Group different sized and colored wedding pillar candles down a long table.
Orange wedding candle display idea.
36. Nestle a candle in colored sand.
Candelabra with red candles.
37. Add style and elegance with silver candelabras.
Red wedidng table setting.
38. Cheap wedding candle centerpieces can be created using smaller candles and costume jewellery.
Rustic wedding centerpiece.
39. Use natrual elements such as wood and pebbles.
Wedding candle and flower display.
40. Use various sized containers of the same shape. Alternate the display with flowers and candles.
You might also like to look at these unique DIY wedding candle holder ideas there might be something there that you could adapt for your wedding candles.