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Wedding Chair Decorations

Wedding chair decorations can enhance an outdoor or indoor ceremony. It doesn't matter where the ceremony is held whether it is in a tree lined park with green rolling hills, the backyard of the family home, on the beach, in a church or hall.

Once the chairs are arranged, there are a few things that you can do to create a sense of intimacy.

Tulle can be used to make cheap wedding chair covers and pew decorations.

It is inexpensive and adds an instant beauty when wrapped or tied to the backs or sides of chairs in a swag fashion. Instead of a wedding chair cover, cut a 2 meter (6’) length of tulle and tie it around the chair back finishing it off as a big bow. Dress up the bows with cones of fresh flowers, silk flowers or greenery.

It can become quite expensive to have a florist do the flowers for the chairs. To save on cost ask family and friends if they can supply you with flowers from their garden.

Another cost saving tip is to decorate every second or third chair or just run the flowers down the outside chairs of the center aisle.

You can hire wedding chair covers and wedding chair decorations from specialist hire stores.

5 Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas

  1. Wide satin ribbons can also be used to make chair bows and finished with flowers.

  2. Lengths of satin ribbon can be used as a swag down the center aisle and use a single flower at the points where the swag meets the top of the chair.

  3. Decorate the back of chairs with a length of tulle. Start from the bottom of the chair legs and criss cross the tulle until you reach the top of the chair (just like a ballerina would do to lace up her shoes). Secure the tulle by wrapping it around the top bar in the center and knot if off at the back. Finish of with a ribbon bow or flowers.

  4. Use a wide satin ribbon. Make a large bow with five or six loops have the tails of the bows almost reach the floor. Cut the tails so that they are all at various lengths. Then pin on flower heads to the bow tails. Secure to the outside edge of the chair.

  5. Paper cones filled with flowers or rose petals make a lovely decoration on the back of the chair or at the end of the row.


Before placing the flowers on the chairs, fill a small plastic bag or container with water and secure to the flower. This will preserve the flowers and keep the tulle for becoming wet.

Wedding Chair Decoration

Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsDecorate the backs of chairs with wreaths of flowers Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsUse soft toned fabric draped over the chairs and tie into place with contrasting fabric and lace trim
Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsSoft and Pretty pink bows Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsPurple satin bows and fabric flower decorations
Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsDecorate the bride and groom's chairs

Wedding Reception Chair Decorations
Decorate your chairs for extra special guests only

Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsUse chair decorations to decorate the aisle
Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsAlternate the colors of the chair bows to match your wedding theme
Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsAdd continuity by using matching fabric on the tables and chairs
Wedding Reception Chair Decorations Wedding Reception Chair Decorations
Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsAn elegant and stylish look can be Achieved by having dark contrasting fabric run down the center front and Back of the chairs - complete the look with a flower arrangement and tassels Wedding Reception Chair Decorations
Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsRibbon can be used for your wedding chair decorations - it is perfect if you are on a budget Wedding Reception Chair DecorationsHang bouquets of fresh flowers from the sides of the chairs
Wedding Reception Chair Decorations
Wedding Reception Chair Decorations


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