Simple Wedding Cake Ideas

(28 picture ideas for uncomplicated wedding cakes.)

A simple wedding cake today is designed with modest decoration items like fresh colorful flowers, stairways or fruit fillings like Lemon, Strawberry, raspberry or butter cream. The trend with wedding cake decorations today is keeping it simple and elegant at the same time.

Most couples these days want the traditional elegant looking white wedding cake with white icing and filling, but the cakes are not overtly done and yet they look very nice to look at, with the simplest of decorations on them.

A married couple normally cuts the cake at their reception and later it's served out to all the guests present at the function.

You can decide your wedding cake design from the various designs and patterns available or get one uniquely done for your wedding, as there are many kinds of pretty and simple looking wedding cakes that are available today, in various shapes, fillings, sizes and flavors.

Three tiered wedding cake with a simple heart design.

A simple wedding cake would taste just as good as an exquisitely done cake, but will have very minimalistic decoration done on it.

The flavors can be carrot, raspberry, mango, orange, coconut, chocolate, strawberry and twin flavors amongst many others.

The icing and the cake's flavor need to complement one another. If you would like to know more about the various styles, flavors and designs of wedding cakes which are in trend today, then you can easily search for the wedding cake pictures online.

This way, you'll know about the types of decoration and designs the couples are opting for today.

As we all know, wedding cake prices today are very high and it's mostly because of the hard work and intricacy that goes into making it and not because of the actual ingredients and materials which are used for making the cake.

Opting for a modest looking wedding cake with simple designs, no intricacies or gimcracks will certainly help you save a decent amount by the end of it.

Else, if there are some really good cooks in your family or your close friend circle, then you could take their help and put their expertise to use by asking them to bake a simple cake for your wedding.

There are various wedding cake recipes available on the internet and you can find them easily.

With the right recipe in hand along with the expertness of a great cook, will ensure that you have a tasty, simple and an inexpensive wedding cake made.

A simple cake can look elegant too because not everything showy is as good as it looks.

Natural flowers such as cascades, orchids and roses could be used for decorating the wedding cake; edible flowers too are excellent.

These flowers for the cake can be used all over the edges of a multi layered cake or they can be used as the cake topper as well.

A wedding is an affair where you normally do end up spending a fortune on various things so it would be great if you could cut down your budget on other things and a simple wedding cake would do just that.

You can use the money you save here on other important things for your wedding.

28 Ideas for A Simple Wedding Cake

Simple wedding cake with matching hand piped details.
1. Have a lacy detail piped onto your cake - such as the lace design from your dress.
Pink wedding cakes with white satin ribbon.
2. Satin ribbon and bows with decorative buttons.
Green and white wedding cake with daisies.
3. A small simple wedding cake using a few fresh flowers as decorations.
Hot pink and white butterfly wedding cakes.
4. Add some fun element such as these wired butterflies.
Elegant looking square wedding cake.
5. Keep the icing and decorations all one color.
Simple four tiered weding cake with rose cake toppers.
6. Be creative and give a fun modern look to your cake.
Orange and white rose wedding cake.
7. Have your cakes stacked off center.
Simple white wedding cake with just a hint of flowers.
8. Keep the icing simple and only use a few decorative details.
Pure white wedding cake on mirrored cake board.
9. Have the surface of your cake iced smooth with some simple piped detail added.
Two tiered wedding cake with blue flowers.
10. Use only two colors on your cake.
Pink and white wedding cake.
11. Arrange flowers to cascade down the tiers of cakes.
White and purple wedding cake.
12. Use two different shades of your wedding colors to add interest to your cake.
Simple wedding cake with red ribbon detail.
13. An easy DIY wedding cake decoration.
Green, yellow and white wedding cake.
14. Simple and elegant wedding cake idea.
Round and square weddign cake with delicate pink dots.
15. Use a variety of cake shapes.
White wedding cake with white roses and dark purple orchids.
16. Use a cake plate instead of a fancy cake stand.
Bride and groom cake topper sitting onmiddle tier of the wedding cake.
17. Add a handcrafted cake topper either to the top of your cake or perched on a lower tier.
Bold red and white wedding cake.
18. One or two large decorations carefully place on a cake can keep the design simple.
Wedding cake with matching colored cake topper and icing.
19. Another way to keep it simple is to have the decoration only on the top of the cake.
Pink, white and silver wedding cake.
20. Use only the minimal amount of decorations and colors.
Three tiered white pillar wedding cake.
21. Let the icing be the feature of the cake - the one above has had detail piped onto a smooth iced surface.
Wedding cake with simple icing and single calla lily flower as a cale topper.
22. A single lily and leaf keep this a simple wedding cake.
Four tiered heart shaped wedding cake with heart decorations.
23. Decorate your cake with fondant cut outs that match the cake topper.
Elegant all white wedding cake with soft purple ribbon and bow.s
24. Embellish your cake with ribbon and bows made from fondant icing..
Wedding cake with cake topper  bride sitting on a cresent moon and groom kneeling in front of her.
26. Use your theme to inspire your cake decorations.
Wedding cake decorated with a large amount of pearlized pastel colored tiny edible balls.
27. If you don't like flowers you can always add balls of colored fondant around your cakes.

Make the balls look extra special by coloring and dusting with iridescent or pearlized edible powder.

Square white wedding cake with tulip flowers.
28. For a square cake you can offset each tier.
Need more ideas for beautiful wedding cakes and creative ideas for wedding cakes or see more cakes with simple designs or cakes made by family members of the the bride and groom.