Choosing Shoes For A Wedding

Tips For Finding Wedding Shoes Everyone Will Love To Wear

White shoes for a wedding.

Having the right shoe for your wedding dress can really complete your overall look. Just like your wedding dress you need to invest in some time to find the perfect shoe. Below are eleven important points that you should consider when buying shoes for a wedding.


1. Consider The Venue

Your venue and the type of surface you will be walking on will be a big deciding factor on the type of shoe you choose
You don’t want to wear stilettos that have a long thin heel for a beach wedding or even a wedding outdoors in a grassy area, your heels will just sink in and make walking difficult.

A more practical option would be to wear flip-flops or go bare foot for a beach wedding and wear flat shoes, a wedge shoe or shoes with a thick wide heel for grassy areas these will make walking easier on these types of surfaces. On the other hand, if your wedding is on more solid ground you could choose any style you want.


2. Factor in the Weather

You should also consider the weather around the time of your wedding date, will it be wet and  windy, snowing, or hot. There will be times when you will be out and about outside and you would want to wear a shoe that is appropriate to the weather conditions.

Enclosed shoes may be appropriate for wet and wintry weather and keep your feet warm and dry, but what about if you are in a hot climate, you may be more comfortable in a strappy shoe style because it will allow your feet to breath.


3. Consider Your Wedding Dress

The style and length of your wedding dress will also be a deciding factor. If your dress is floor length and your wedding shoes will be hidden most of the time a plain closed in shoe might be your choice. On the other hand, if you have a shorter dress and your legs will be on show then a shoe with some detail maybe more appropriate and help complete your overall look.

Then there is the design of your wedding dress if it has beautiful details on it a shoe that is heavily decorated may take attention away from your dress. On the other hand, if your dress is simple a wedding shoe that has some beautiful detailing on it may enhance your overall look.


4. Wedding Shoe Heel Height

Choose a heel height that you would normally wear and know you will be comfortable in, there is no point in wearing a shoe with a higher heel knowing that you will be uncomfortable in it, it just does not make sense. With that been said, if you are totally at home and have no problem wearing a very high heel wear them. There is another point to remember when it comes to heel height, your partners height.


5. Your Partners Height

The height of your partner is something to consider if you don’t want to tower over him if you are close to his height. You may need to choose a lower heel than you actual want so that you don’t tower of him, or wear a slightly higher heel to make you appear taller if you a shorter than him.


6. What About Shoe Color?

You don’t have to stick with tradition and match the shoe color to the dress, you can stray away and select a colored shoe. The only rule here when choosing a colored shoe is that it should complement your dress.


7. Your Bridesmaids Shoes

All the points mentioned above should be taken into consideration when selecting a shoe for your bridesmaid’s dresses. But what if you find that not all your bridesmaids are comfortable in the same shoe style? Your bridesmaids could choose different white satin shoes that they are comfortable in and these can be dyed in a color of your choice.


8. How Much Do They Cost?

When selecting a shoe, you should shop within your allocated shoe budget (and the budget of your attendants). There is no point in falling in love with a shoe only to find out that it will completely blow your budget. And let’s face it for most of us our wedding shoes will never be worn again, therefore it’s not money well spent if you go over budget.


9. When To Buy The Shoes

You will need your wedding shoes before your dress fitting. By wearing your shoes at the time of alterations the dressmaker will be able to determine the correct length of your dress.


10. Wear The Shoes In Before The Day

A few months before the wedding start wearing your shoes, this will not only get you used to wearing them but most importantly you will break them in. Start by wearing them for short periods of time and gradually build up until you can wear them for hours at a time comfortably.

You may want to scuff and roughen up the soles if they are smooth so they don’t become slippery on smooth high polished surfaces.


11. The Flower Girl's Shoes

It might be an idea to discuss options with her mother as to the style and type of shoe the girl could wear comfortably and work from there. You should also remember not to get her shoes to early as children are growing they may have a growth spurt before the wedding day which will make the shoes too small for their feet.

Just like you and the bridesmaids let them break the shoes in by wearing then indoors. If you a worried about the shoes getting dirty avoid satin or fabric covered shoes instead choose a shoe that can be easily be wiped over. Also give them the option of bringing their own comfortable shoes to slip into after the ceremony and photography.

Regardless of the type of shoe you choose, ultimately you will want comfort so, click through to the next page for tips and ideas on how to select a comfortable pair of shoes.


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Wedding Speech Tip For The Bride

A bride is not required to give a speech but there is nothing to say that you can’t, if you want to.

If wish to make a speech you could: recite a poem that sums up your feelings to towards your husband, sing a short song or tell a funny story about your groom.

However, invest some time, thought and practice to the speech, as practice makes perfect and this is something you must do to prepare yourself for your speech on your wedding day.

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Wedding Food Budget Tip

Ask the caterer for a breakdown cost on each menu item so you can choose the least expensive ones.

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