Beautiful Rose Bouquets

(54 Rose bouquet ideas and DIY handtied rose bouquet instructions)

Roses have long been a symbol of romance and love and the giving red roses have been one of the most popular romantic gestures ever and what could be more appropriate for a wedding than a romantic red rose wedding bouquet.

Why Choose A Red Rose Bridal Bouquet?

Bride with red rose bouquet.
Red rose bouquet.

Red roses are timeless - red has been associated with the heart and love since Greek and Roman times. They are also a lovely adaptable bloom that can work well with other colors, and with different bouquet styles.

A Rose For Every Season

Many brides associate red flowers with a winter wedding. While it is certainly true that a red rose bridal bouquet looks absolutely stunning in a winter wedding ensemble, it's a very versatile bloom.

A splash of red can add vibrancy to a spring or summer wedding, and the combination of red with more burnished hues is lovely for a fall wedding.

Classic or Modern Choices

Whatever style of wedding dress you choose, a red rose bridal bouquet is a wonderful choice.

If you are going for an elegant, draped dress, red roses will add a classic, glamorous touch to your look.

For more traditional brides, red roses are a perfect finishing touch, with their association with luxury and beauty.

If your dress has a more modern, edgy look, red roses add a splash of color that is bold and striking.

Of course, if you are having a red or black themed wedding, red roses are the perfect, dramatic finishing touch.

Colors and Textures

Red roses work well with other colors and textures, too. White and red together are a timeless combination, while red against cream is a sumptuous combination.

Red roses can be combined with hints of blue for a royal look, or even yellow and orange for a burst of color. The soft velvet look of roses complements other textures well.

You can create a beautiful bouquet by incorporating beads, berries, or crystal drops.

The Color of Love

Red is associated with love, desire and passion. It also has an association with elegance and classic beauty, luxury and richness.

This means that red can be incorporated into your wedding in many different ways, to create a variety of looks and moods.

Whatever your wedding style, a red rose bridal bouquet is an evocative choice that can add just the right amount of elegance or boldness to your outfit.


Romatic Red Rose Bouquets

Single red rose bouquet.
Red rose wedding flowers.
Red roses studded with pearl headed pins.
Bride holding small red bouquet.
Red tierdrop bouquet.
Hnad tied red bouquet.
Red roses and crystal pins.
Red and green bouquet.
Rose wedding bouquet idea 10.
Rose wedding bouquet idea 11.
Red ose wedding bouquet idea 12.
Red rose bouquet idea 13.
Red rose wedding flower idea.14

Smiling bride with red rose flower bouquet.
Ivy and red rose bouquet.
Red roses and gysophlia bouquet.
Red rose bouquet ideas 18.
Red wedding bouquet 20
red and white bouquet
Red and white wedding flower ideas
red bouquet idea 20.
Red roses and green leaf bouquet.
Round red bouquet idea.
Red rose bouquet with dark and mid green colors.
red rose bouquet with white bouquet handle.
Red rose fan bouquet.
Red rose and ivy bouquet.
Red rose bouquet 30.
Heart shaped rose bouquet.
Red rose bouquet with red beaded grass loops.
Red rose and looped leaf collar.
Dark red rose wedding flowers..
Rose bridal bouquet in red.
White and red rose flower arrangement for the bride.
Bride holding red rose bouquet.38.
Bride with red and orange rose bouqet.
Rose bouquet with red organza collar.
unique rose bouquet idea.
Roses and orchid bouquet.
White and red rose bouquet design.
Green orchid and rose bouquet.


How to Make a Simple Rose Bouquet

diy rose bouquet.
Hand tied red rose wedding bouquet.

There are hundreds of varieties of roses to choose from and literally dozens of red ones.

So you will still have to make a lot of decisions if you decided to make your own bridal bouquet.

Will the roses be crimson, scarlet or dark burgundy? Single flowered or double flowered? Tea or English Rose?

And then you need to decide if you will have an all rose bouquet or do you have want a mix of other flowers or foliage for texture. Here is a list of some rose varieties:

  • Black Beauty (deep burgundy color, with black tipped petals).
  • Black Magic (deep scarlet color).
  • Charlotte (crimson color with double flower).
  • Scarlet Knight (deep crimson flowers with tea scent).

Roses are available all year round. They generally last up to seven days as a cut flower.

Below you will find instructions and a video on how to make a hand tied bridal bouquet as well as more images of rose bouquets to help you on your way to creating your own beautiful bouquet.

Making A Hand-Tied Round Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

Flowers and Essentials

  • Red Roses
  • Clippers
  • Twine, rubber bands
  • 4 to 8 pearl corsage pins
  • 3 yards (2.7 meters) of 2 inch (5cm) wide ribbon

Preparation and Assembly

  1. Wearing sturdy gloves carefully remove the thorns from stems. Next condition the roses. This is done by bending the stem about 1 inch (2.5cm) from the bottom until it splits. Scrape the bent area with a sharp knife in a dragging motion. This will remove some bark exposing the inner stem and allowing more water to enter the stem.
  2. Next fill a container with about 2 inches (5cm) of boiling water. Place the stems in the boiling water for a few minutes, then empty the water and fill the container with cold water. Let the flowers soak in the cold water for a least two hours if possible.
  3. To get the round shape of the bouquet, start with a single rose. Then surround the first rose with concentric circles of roses, holding them tightly in place as you go.
  4. When you have the shape that you want. Bind the stems tightly with a piece of twine just below the flower heads, then bind with a rubber band about 3 inches (7.6cm) from the bottom. Re-cut the stems so that they are even and the length that you want.
  5. Start wrapping the bouquet with ribbon. Starting from about 1.5 inches (3.8cm) from the bottom. Fold the end of the ribbon under itself, then wrap up to the top of the stems covering the twine.

Below Lynn Jawits from Florisan flowers shows you how easy it is to create a rose bridal bouquet.

More Rose Bouquets In Mixed Colors

Yellow and white rose bouquet.
White rose and orchids.
Pink and white rose brides bouquet.
White and pink bridal bouquet with purple ribbon.
Green and peach rose bouquet.
Purple bridal bouquet idea.
White brides bouquet.
Peach and purple brides bouquet.
Small peach bouquet.
Red and pink rose bouquet idea.
If you are having roses for your flowers why not consider a rose wedding theme or even a romantic wedding theme.