How To Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

10 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date

How to Pick the Perect Wedding Date For You

Oct 14, 2017

One of the first things that you are going to hear after you tell everyone of your engagement is “When is the wedding?”, and let’s face it you really can’t start making any hard and fast plans until you do.

You may already have a date in mind without giving it a second thought. However, for others it can be a little hard to narrow down.

It is crucial that you select a wedding date as soon as you can. Without it, you won’t be able to book the ceremony and reception venues.

You will have no idea as to how long you will have to plan your wedding, you won’t be able to book photographers, caterers, florist and other related vendors.

So, how do you pick a wedding date?

There are many ways for picking a wedding date and there is really no one size fits all approach as every couple’s situation is different.

You could plan your wedding date by:

1. Think About a Season

You could choose your wedding date by the season, which can play a big part in choosing your wedding style a location. If you love the outdoors and warm sunny days with the smell of flowers in bloom then spring might be the perfect time. Or if you dread the thought of the long hot summer days a winter or fall wedding might be the right choice for you.

2. Consider Your Budget

Your budget may affect when you set the date. During peak wedding season prices usually increase due to the high demand. But if you were to marry outside the peak season prices are usually more reasonable simply because there is a lesser demand.

The same can be said when choosing a day of the week to get married. Saturdays are always a popular day and venues are almost always booked however, if you were to consider another day you could end up with a better deal.

When we were planning our wedding, this is how we choose our date.

We wanted a March- April wedding but most venues were booked and quite over priced for the room size that we wanted for a Saturday wedding.

So, we started discussing various options with the venue manager of a venue that we were happy with and found out that a much larger room was available for the Sunday of a long week in March.

As they had no other interest for that room on that date (and didn’t want to lose the opportunity of a booking), we negotiated and booked the larger room for Sunday night at the same price as one of their smaller rooms, they even included a bigger dance floor and lounge chairs (at no extra cost) so that our guests could relax away from the tables during the night.

3. Special Dates

If you are the sentimental type you may like to marry on the anniversary of when you first meet or on the date of your engagement, or any other significate date to you both.

4. Venue or Caterer Availability

You may want a specific venue and no other will do, you will have to plan your wedding around a date that your chosen venue is available, the same can be said if you prefer a certain caterer, photographer and so on.

With some venues and caterers being more popular than others this could mean an extended engagement depending on how well in advance the bookings are.

5. Availability of Your Most Important Guests

If you have your heart set on having the most important people in your life there such as your parents, grandparents or very close friends then it might be an idea to check with them to see if they will be available on your chosen date before booking anything.

6. Think About How Much Time You Want for Planning

If you are a person who likes to plan everything to the last detail without being under pressure planning a wedding over twelve months or more may be the best for you, rather than planning a wedding in say four months where you will be under constant pressure to get everything done in such a short time.

7. Plan Around Your Honeymoon

If you already know that you want to honeymoon at a specific place and time of year then use that as a guide for picking your wedding date.

Let’s say you want to honeymoon in Vietnam in their spring (February to April) when the temperatures are moderate with light rains, you would choose your wedding date to fall within February and April.

8. Think About a Theme

If you already have a theme in mind such as hearts and roses you could plan your wedding date close to Valentine’s day or in a season when you know that the rose gardens will be in full bloom, if you are planning on an outdoor wedding.

9.Your Own Schedule’s

You both might lead very busy life’s through your work or other commitments, so there may be times of the year that will make it impossible for you to take time off.

If this is the case you will both need to sit down with a calendar and just start marking of date’s that won’t work and work out a wedding date from the days that are left.

10. Your Own Health or Health of Family Members

If there are any ongoing health issues affecting either of you or close family members you may like to factor this in when planning your wedding date. It could mean that you may need to plan your wedding sooner than later if you want your ailing grandparent present at your wedding.

After reading this I hope that it will give you some ideas on picking a wedding date, you may even use one or a combination of these when choosing your date.

After picking your wedding date you will need to decide how you are going to pay for the wedding.

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