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Peony Wedding Bouquet

Make a Wedding Bouquet


A Peony Wedding Bouquet with its sumptuous blooms and layer upon layer of tissue like petals are a delight to a wedding. Peonies come in white, red, yellow, peach and pink.

When buying peonies select buds that are just opening and are soft to the touch (if they are too hard they probably will never open).

Your peony wedding bouquet can last for over a week if you keep it in water.

When making an arrangement in peony flowers be careful not to touch the flower head. Peonies flower in spring. 


Flowers and Essentials

Peony Bridal Bouquet

Pink peonies

Pink roses

White hydrangea

White freesia

Eucalyptus leaves


Twine, rubber bands

4 to 8 pearl corsage pins

3 yards (2.7 meters) of 2 inch (5cm) wide ribbon

Preparation and Assembly

  1. Condition the stems of the peonies, hydrangea and roses. This is done by bending the stem about 1 inch (2.5cm) from the bottom until it splits. Scrape the bent area with a sharp knife in a dragging motion. This will remove some bark exposing the inner stem and allowing more water to enter the stem.

    Next fill a container with about 2 inches (5cm) of boiling water. Place the stems in the boiling water for a few minutes, then empty the water and fill the container with cold water. Let the flowers soak in the water for at least two hours if possible.

    Condition the stems of the freesias; this can done by placing in warm water (up to their necks) overnight. Once you have cut the flowers sit them in 2 inches (5cm) of warm water for five minutes. Then fill the container about one-third of the way up with cold water.

  2. In your hand gather a few roses, freesia stems, and peonies and hydrangeas, alternating the flowers for texture and color. Keep adding flowers making a tight bunch. When you are happy with the look add a collar of eucalyptus leaves.

    Bind the stems tightly with a piece of twine just below the flower heads, then bind with a rubber band at the bottom.

    Re-cut the stems so that they are even and the length that you want.

  3. Start wrapping the bouquet with ribbon. Starting from the bottom, leaving bare stems exposed at the bottom. Fold the end of the ribbon under itself, then wrap up to the top of the stems covering the twine, then make a bow at the top. Secure ribbon in place with the corsage pins.

  4. Keep the bouquet in water for as long as possible to keep the peonies fresh.


Ideas for a Peony Wedding Bouquet


Peony Bridal Bouquet


Peony Bridal Bouquet2.

Peony Bridal Bouquet3.

Peony Bridal Bouquet4.

Peony Bridal Bouquet5.

Peony Bridal Bouquet6.

Peony Bridal Bouquet7.



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