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Fresh Floral Bridal Bouquets

Choosing Wedding Flowers


Nothing smells as nice as fresh floral bridal bouquets with the lovely fragrant perfume of the blooms within. There are many ways that you can get your fresh wedding flowers.

Wedding Flower Florist

The most traditional way to order fresh flowers is to order from a wedding flower florist, even if you are doing your own flowers.

They have access to wholesalers and will be able to advise you if the flowers that you want will be available.

You can find more about ordering your flowers from a wedding flower florist here.

Local Flower Growers

You can also buy direct from local flower growers. Although you will be limited to local flowers, these will be in season and fresh from the flower field. This will be cheaper than any flower that has to be shipped in from other areas.

Online Wedding Flowers

Buying your wedding flowers online is a great alternative if you can't find any local flower growers in your area. There are some great online companies that give you a wide flower choice. 

These choices do include different flower varieties, pre made bridal bouquets or if you want to make your own wedding flowers you can just purchase flower stems in bulk.

The flowers are all carefully packed and delivered to your door one or two days before your wedding.

Grow Your Own Flowers

If you have enough time and garden space you can try to grow at least some of your wedding flowers. You will have to do some planning in advance so that you can work out the best time to plant your seeds, bulbs or seedlings so that they flower at the time you want them to.

When choosing wedding flowers that you have grown you need to select the ones that are at the right stage of bloom.

When choosing the flowers, select buds that are just beginning to open. You should see a little color coming from under the leaf sheaf.

If you pick the flower when the bud is too tight, it may never open. If you pick them when they are in full bloom they will lose their petals very quickly.

If you can try to pick your flowers on day before the wedding, always keeping the stems in water to keep the fresh looking.


Pictures of Fresh Floral Bridal Bouquets by Flower Type

Below you will find some pictures of fresh floral bridal bouquets and links to other pages for more bridal bouquet ideas.

Calla Lilly Bridal Bouquet

A calla lilly bridal bouquet is simply elegant when made as a hand tied presentation bouquet. Always a sleek and elegant look with its strong slender stems making it look so graceful.

Bridal bouquets of calla lilies

Calla lilly pink bridal bouquet design
Bridal bouquets of calla lilies

White Calla Lillywedding flower idea

See More Pictures of Bridal Bouquet of Calla Lillies

Learn How to Make a Calla Lily Arm Bouquet

Or Make a Hand Tied Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet


Carnation Bridal Bouquet

The carnation has to be one of my favorite flowers I just love the tight flower petal head and it's scent is heavenly.

Carnation Bridal Bouquet

An elegant pink and white carnation bridal bouquet


Daisy Wedding Flowers

Daisies are a popular choice for wedding flowers after the rose. They are bright and cheerful to look at.


Spring Flower Wedding Flowers

Purple and white daisy bouquet

Daisy Bouquets

Spring wedding flowers idea


You Can See More Daisy Bouquets Here


Exotic and Tropical Bridal Bouquets

Exotic and tropical bridal bouquets can consist of orchids, anthurium, hibiscus, protea, heliconia and bird of paradise to name a few.


Fresh Floral Brial Bouquet

Unique bridal bouquet idea

Green Wedding Bridal Boquet

Modern wedding flowers


More Unusual Bouquets Can Be Seen Here


Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Something blue, why not choose a blue hydrangea for your bridal bouquet. The hydrangea flower comes in varying shades of blue as well as white and pink. You only need a few flower heads to create beautiful fresh floral bridal bouquets for yourself and bridesmaids.


 Hydranga Bouquet

Blue hydrangea and white rose bouquet


More Blue Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Or Make Your Own Hydrangea Bouquet


Orchid Bridal Bouquet

Orchids are striking to look at and will bring a sense of sophistication for the modern bride.

Orchid Wedding Flowers

Hand tied bridal bouquet with orchids and roses
Daisy Bridal Boquet

Fresh floral bridal bouquets


For more orchid bouquet ideas visit orchid wedding bouquets


Gerbera Daisy Wedding Flowers

The gerbera daisy brings a sense of joy to any occasion, its colors radiate cheerfulness. They make a beautiful display all on their own and can enhance other flowers in the bouquet.

They are a modern flower so perfect for today’s bride looking for a modern wedding flowers for her bouquet.

Daisy Bridal Boquet

A simple bridal bouquet design of pink gerbers
Daisy Bridal Boquet

Yellow gerbera daisy and Rose wedding flowers

You can find more pictures of gerber daisy wedding flowers here


Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

Sunflowers are no longer left out in the field they have become a very sort after flower for many different bridal bouquet designs.

Sunflower Bridal Boquet

Cascade style bridal bouquet with sunflowers, roses, wheat and ivy
Fresh Flower Bridal Boquet

Single sunflower bridal bouquet


Get More Beautiful Sunflower Ideas Here


Tulip Bridal Bouquets

A tulip bridal bouquet can make an impact in a bridal bouquet. It is a very versatile flower that can be used on its own or mixed with other flowers.

Pink Tulip Bouquet

Pink bridal bouquet of tulips

Tulip Bouquet

Combine tulips with A big Satin Bow


For more tulip wedding flower ideas and pictures see tulip wedding flowers

Wild Flower Wedding Bouquet

Wild flowers make a refreshing change from a traditional wedding bouquet. They are perfect for a casual wedding indoors or outside. A wild flower wedding bouquet can be a cheap wedding flower option when they are in season.


Sunflower bouquet

Hand tied brdial bouquet with sunflowers

Butterfly theme bouquet

Fresh floral bridal bouquets accented with butterflies



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