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Fondant Cake Icing Recipes


Although fondant cake icing is more convenient to buy ready made, it is useful to have a recipe in case you run out. Fondant icing is also known as rolled fondant, plastic icing and sugar paste. Fondant Icing can be made cooked and uncooked.

Below you will find the uncooked version it is easier to make especially if you have never made fondant icing before.


Uncooked Fondant Icing Ingredients

    10ml (2 teaspoons) gelatine
    50ml (¼ cup) cold water

    250g (8oz) liquid glucose

    1 egg white

    1 kg (2 lb) icing sugar

    20g (1 oz) white vegetable fat


cake with fondant icing1.  Soak the gelatine in the cold water and place over a hot water until dissolved and clear.

Do not boil as it will become sticky. Melt the glucose in the same way.

2.  Mix the egg white, gelatine and glucose.

3.  Gradually stir in the icing sugar, reserving 250 ml (1cup). Mix slowly but thoroughly.

4.  Sift the remaining 250 ml (1 cup) of icing sugar onto a clean and dry work surface.

5.  Pour the egg white, gelatine, glucose, sugar mixture onto this.

6.  Knead enough of the dry icing sugar into the paste to form a soft, workable consistency, while adding the white vegetable fat gradually.

7.  If the mixture is too stiff, add extra egg white or a small amount of water.

8.  If the mixture is too soft mix in more icing sugar.


Storing Fondant Cake Icing

Wrap the sugar paste well in a plastic wrap or store in a polyethylene bag, making sure that all the air inside the bag has been excluded. Store in the refrigerator until required. Allow to come to room temperature before using.


Tinting Fondant Cake Icing


1.  Start with white fondant icing and add the color a little at a time until you achieve the shade you require.

2.  Use a toothpick to add color to the icing.

3.  Take care not to use too much color. You can always add more color to make the icing darker but it is difficult to lighten the color once it is tinted.

4.  Always tint enough icing to cover the cakes in one batch. It can be hard to get the right color match if made in small lots.

5.  Be sure to knead in the color well so that no white is visible. It does take some time, so be patient.


Tint a small ball of white fondant icing first and then knead it well into the remainder of the icing.


How To Roll Fondant Cake Icing


1.  Dust a work surface with sieved icing sugar to prevent the fondant paste from sticking.

2.  Using more icing sugar if necessary, roll out the fondant paste to a thickness of 15mm (1/4 inch) and in a shape to match the size of the cake, with an overlap generous enough to cover the sides of the cake.

3.  While rolling out the fondant keep checking that it is not sticking to the work surface. Add more sifted icing sugar if necessary.

4.  Brush any excess sugar off the fondant and lift it, supported by a rolling pin (roll the fondant loosely onto the rolling pin and lift to the cake).

5.  Unroll the fondant over the cake to cover it completely.

6.  With a small knife, trim off the excess icing at the base of the cake

7.  With your hands lightly dusted with cornflour, gently rub the surface of the fondant icing in a circular movement to give the icing a smooth and glossy finish.

8.  Place the cake in a box and leave in a warm dry place to allow the fondant to dry.

9.  The excess fondant can be kneaded together and sealed in a plastic bag. You can use these to cover the cake board or make decorations.

Want  to see a demonstartion of how it's done?  Take a look at this video on our Icing a Wedding Cake Page.


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