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Do it Yourself Wedding Catering


Do It Yourself Wedding Catering. Where to Start?

Now that you have got the help and support from family and friends and the reception location is suitable, you are now ready to start planning.

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Do It Yourself Wedding CateringOne of the first steps is to select your menu and choosing which of your helpers will make each dish. So select the menu carefully and match your helpers with the jobs.

You may like to discuss with each of your helpers what jobs they will feel comfortable doing and narrow down the choices according to the abilities of the helpers.

This could mean using their talents to the best advantage possible, for example if one of the helpers is talented in baking and decorating cakes don’t let them be in charge of making the salad.

As you are considering your list of helpers, look for someone who is well organized and reliable to act as a coordinator and pull everything together.

This person does not necessarily have to take part in the food preparation but just make sure that the reception preparation runs smoothly.

Don’t try to coordinate the event yourself you will be busy enough with other things.

You will still maintain control - you will decide on the menu and choose your helpers, but you will have someone else to handle all the details which will take some of the stress from you.

As you assign out the jobs, keep track of things by writing the helpers names, their phone numbers on a job description list as well as making a shopping list of ingredients needed for each dish.

At the start of the do it yourself wedding catering process you may like to get your helpers together. Introduce the coordinator to everyone and encourage them to call the coordinator with any questions that they may have (but do check with the coordinator first to see if this is okay).

Hand out copies of the job descriptions, shopping list and reception plan, so that everyone is clear on what will be happening on the day. Make sure that you keep the original job description, shopping lists and reception plans for yourself.

This is also a good time to discuss how the food will be obtained for each of the teams. There are three ways in which these items can be obtained:

  1. You can ask each team to purchase the items on their individual shopping list and then reimburse them later.

  2. You and/or the coordinator can shop for all the ingredients, then sort out the items that are required for each dish, then deliver these items to each of the helpers. This will work out if you want complete control of how much is spent and the quality of the food purchased.

  3. You could ask that each helper purchase the items and suggest that it be their wedding gift to you. If you do this remember that some of the items on the list will cost more than others, and this may be a financially hard for some of the helpers and in some cases they could be offended.

You will now have to decide on the type of wedding reception that you will have so that you can plan your Wedding Reception Menu.




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