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Amazing Butterfly Wedding Cake Designs

A butterfly wedding cake can make a butterfly wedding theme complete. There are countless ways to incorporate the butterfly on your wedding cake.

You can use fabric butterflies, or have them made piped in royal icing, cut from sugar paste, buy ones made from feathers or colored paper or use laser cut butterfly shapes.

Butterfly Wedding Cake IdeasPlace these on their own or on mass cascading down and around your cake, or have them hovering gracefully amongst fresh flowers or beautifully hand made sugar paste flowers.

Some couples like to use the butterfly as a symbol to represent a loved one who has passed on. They are also a symbol of a new beginning of life?

The butterflies that you choose for your wedding cake can match or contrast your wedding theme colors.

Decorate the wedding cake table and surrounding area with large butterflies hung from the ceiling , pinned to the table cloth or scattered over the top of the cake table.

15 Beautiful Butterfly Wedding Cake Pictures

Butterfly Wedding Cake

These cupcakes look nice and dainty with butterflies stamped and cut-out of modelling paste


Butterfly Wedding Cake

A simple and elegant laser cut butterfly decorates the cupcake cases

Butterfly Wedding Cake
3. Use butterflies made from colorful paper or feathers to gracefully decorate the tops of the cupcake display


Butterfly Wedding Cake
4. Add extra height to your cake display by having fondant butterflies dance gracefully over your cake - using fine wire

Butterfly Wedding Cake
5. A simple white wedding cake makes these colourful butterflies the main attraction of the cake

Butterfly Wedding Cake
6. A beautiful single large butterfly makes a attractive statement on the top of this cake

Butterfly Wedding Cake
7. Go all out and have small butterflies hover all over in a color that contrast your cake


Butterfly Wedding Cake
8. a simple white and blue wedding Cake design Using only a Few Matching Blue Butterflies

Butterfly Wedding Cake
9. The Butterflies Don't have to Be Placed Directly on the Cake They Can Be Wired To Hover Around The Cake

Butterfly Wedding Cake
10. Butterflies can Also Be wired and Used As A Cake Topper

Butterfly Wedding Cake
11. A Simple and Elegant Cake Using White and Silver As The Decorations
Butterfly Wedding Cake

12. Butterflies In Various sizes can add a light and delicate touch to your wedding cake
Butterfly Wedding Cake

13. Keep your design simple by using butterflies of the same size and Color

Butterfly Wedding Cake

14. Use butterflies of all different sizes in a color to match your cake for a classic timeless look

Butterfly Wedding Cake

15. Mix butterfly decorations with baby's breath and small flowers


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