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How to Make a Bridal Garter


The bridal garter was a traditional item of clothing originally used to hold up stockings.

Garters are now a more symbolic fun item that the bride may choose wear on her wedding day.

At the wedding reception the groom will remove the brides garter and toss it to the young bachelors present.

It is thought that whoever catches the garter will be married next.

You may like to have two garters one to toss and one as a keepsake. When you make your own garter you can make it to match your wedding theme and colors.

What you will need


Bridal Gater 1

1.  Center the ribbon on top of the lace, make sure that the ends are even. Stitch the ribbon close to both edges, leaving the ends open which will form a casing

Bridal Gater 2
2. Insert the elastic through the ribbon casing

Bridal Gater 3
3.   With the right sides together, stitch the ends of the garter in a 1.3cm (½ inch) seam. Trim the seam.
Bridal Gater 4
4. Press the seam open. On the outside of the garter, top stitch the pressed seam close to the edge

Bridal Garter 5
5. Finished Garter

Optional: If desired you can decorate the garter by adding a small bow or ribbon flower or even beads and charms.

Download a PDF copy of the instuctions here.

To read these instuction you will need to have Adobe PDF Reader if you don't have it you can get here for free.

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