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Beaded Napkin Ring

A Wedding Craft Idea

This beaded napkin ring is a great wedding projects idea, it is quick and easy to make. This would be a lovely thank you gift for your bridal attendants if made up as a set of six or eight. You could also make these as a wedding table decoration that your guests can take home as a wedding favor.

What you need

Beaded Dragonfly Card

Bracelet size memory wire

Assorted beads in a mixture of tonal colors, textures and shapes

Flush cutters

Round nose pliers

Long nose pliers

Jump ring (optional)

Crystal drop pendant (optional)


Separate the memory wire and with the flush cutters and cut the wire so that there is approximately three ring lengths.

With the round nose pliers grasp one of the ends of the memory wire and roll to form a loop. This loop will prevent the beads from slipping off the wire.

From the other end of the wire thread the beads on creating an attractive pattern. Continue to do this until about 15mm (½ inch) from the end. With the round nose pliers grasp the end of the wire and create a loop, this will hold the beads in place.


Attach the crystal drop pendant to the napkin ring.

Beaded Dragonfly Card

To do this hold a pair of pliers in each hand, grasping the jump ring on either side of the join. Gently bring one pair of pliers toward you and push the other one away.

Thread the crystal pendant and one loop of wire onto the ring. Using both pliers reverse the previous action to close the ring.




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